Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Presents for People

I could have done a lot better on these, but they were little last minute ideas so had to rush. It's a reason, not an excuse ;)
These were all presents for some Christmases or Birthdays or Anniversaries, can't remember. The top one is a sketch of Joe's parents, for Joe's parents, the bottom two were for my parents. The first sketch is my brother and sister and what should be me but looks like an awful distorted freaky-eyed version. They are both younger than me, would like to clarify this due to the obvious differences in height, -I- am the older and more mature of the three, obviously. On the bottom are the legends themselves, my Mum and Dad, in acrylic. Couldn't quite get Mum's face right but maybe one day I'll try again. Or maybe I won't. They'll have to seeeeeee....

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