Friday, 25 December 2009

Advent Calender 2009

Was just for fun :) made 24 mini envelopes for my brother and sister and put sweets, stories, jokes etc in them. A friend's mum made her one which she showed us at Brighton W.I. (big up) so I started one and just ended up making more when I was bored, it was good fun. They're hanging on the stairs at home.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Typography poster attempt #1 - Absolute Fail

Second type project at Brighton. This is a hand-rendered version of an A3 poster attempting to explain what typography is. It had to include text (which I planned to put in the outlined shape), definitions and colour.

The plan went down a storm, so I didn't plan to change anything for the indesign version (below), which was a mistake, because the actual design is incredibly boring, and too crowded and the colour is rubbish. So i will rework it!

Old commission - Justice League


This was done in year 12 and is my favourite painting to date. A teacher at my school paid for it after he saw a smaller chiaroscuro-style painting of mine that was on display. The original picture was A5 size in an Alex Ross book, and this painting is the size of a school table. Painted in acrylic, took about 6 months on and off. Made me want to be wonderwoman.

Commision from my Grannie

A painting Grannie asked me to do (and paid me for - score) of Grandad. I'm not very good at teeth, need to practice, because I like it when teeth are done really well. This painting is about A4 size and was done from a photo with acrylic. I'm not an oil painter, never have been.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

"Let There Be Light"

First photography brief.

It was a group project, and although I prefer working on my own, this one was fun. Had an organised and enthusiastic group which obviously helps. Most of them better photographers than me, which also helps. We just had to experiment with light for photography using weird objects that we chose. Looked at coloured light, natural light, reflections, refractions, shadows, etc. and mostly just had fun!
These are my final 12 and the contact sheet we had to display them on.

Oooooh Hello Typography!

Am very pleased to find out that Brighton University Graphics includes a lot of type. Bob Gordan is a God.

Nick Pride would be so proud of me.

This is the first type project we did. Had to walk around Brighton and find some type that we liked. Mine was the Coffee Trader logo. Then we had to write about it, using all the new and exciting definitions. Thheeeeenn the best bit, to write "No Macs & Qwerty"(includes the most difficult letters in the alphabet) with a cap height of 20cm (that's big) ffrreeehhaaaannd which i LOVE. So here it is, countershapes and all. Got fantastic feedback on the first crit. Bring it on.

Reading this back has made me realise how sad and simply amusing my life is.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Welcome to B-town

So I'm in Brighton and it's fantastic and I LOVE IT. I'm a lucky girl, love the course and the people and where I live. The only thing I don't love is my rubbish shower. Don't even get me started.
ANYWAY have been here for just over a month now and the experience is just like everyone said it would be and more. The course is fantastic, roughly 80 Graphic Designers and Illustrators all getting along lovingly and we beat roughly 1,300 people to these places so we're making the most of them. The first project was a collective thing. I had an awesome group DIDN'T I ROSALYNE MATT CHLOE NADINE FRANKIE AND ISOBEL!hit the jackpot with them, the whole thing flowed and we had a great time. We chose lyrics/quotes/sayings or something along those lines from the brief and decided to do a short stop-motion animation on our favourite idioms (I didn't know what that meant until this project, you learn a new thing every day :) ). I dooon't think I can post videos on here but here is the link:

I will never regret my chocolate scene. Never. What a brilliant first impression to make at Uni.
you all enjoy now

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

In the beginning, Maria created Art.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up, or how commited I will be to it, we'll see. It's just for my work, so that family can keep up while I'm at Uni and so that I can organise stuff on a page to make it easier for my ever-so-simple mind.
Recently finished final major project at the old art foundation course at University of Gloucestershire, which was a fanTASTIC year. Going to miss it a lot, especially a few certain people. But we all move along. The project was a collage, something I have never really done properly, and something that would keep me going throughout the month or so that it took to do. Entitled "Things We Have Learnt In Our Lives So Far", it was based heavily on a Sagmeister ongoing project of a very similar name. I had so much fun collecting the anonymous contributions, filling up the sketchbook and then shoving stuff all over the wall including a small animation. Finished project was a success and I heard nothing but good feedback. Which is sort of expected, I can imagine if people didn't like it, they wouldn't just tell me to my face. But that's not the point. Enjoy.