Sunday, 13 December 2009

Oooooh Hello Typography!

Am very pleased to find out that Brighton University Graphics includes a lot of type. Bob Gordan is a God.

Nick Pride would be so proud of me.

This is the first type project we did. Had to walk around Brighton and find some type that we liked. Mine was the Coffee Trader logo. Then we had to write about it, using all the new and exciting definitions. Thheeeeenn the best bit, to write "No Macs & Qwerty"(includes the most difficult letters in the alphabet) with a cap height of 20cm (that's big) ffrreeehhaaaannd which i LOVE. So here it is, countershapes and all. Got fantastic feedback on the first crit. Bring it on.

Reading this back has made me realise how sad and simply amusing my life is.

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