Sunday, 25 April 2010

Happy Birthday Matthew

A poster I gave Matt for his birthday, just to bring the poor kid's dreams to life as much as I willingly would. This is me and him wrapped in an erotic embrace. Also my first try at proper photo editing...not bad!Happy Birthday lovely man xx

Grannie's present

Originally for my semiotics project, this was going to a page to represent "time". Grannie gave me loads of old pictures of her so I could put them together. I lined them up, changed the black and white levels, sharpened them up a bit etc etc. Made a few adjustments, added the text in my current favourite Alison Carmichael style and voila, a nice birthday present. Isn't she beautiful!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hierarchy Project

A Hierarchy project from ages ago, focusing on display and difference in importance of information. To make us focus on Hierarchy, we were limited to black&white and 2 fonts: Meta and Garamond only. Had to make a design that could be applicable to 4 given sizes. Successful crit for this one.