Monday, 31 May 2010

Oh Alison

A birthday card for Grannie and Rossie, as you have probably guessed, I love Alison Carmichael. Also, what do you give one of your favourite friends for her 20th? A little watercolour/collagey thing of a photo of you and her with cameltoe of course! Also, why is this bold and underlined? I pressed nothing to indicate this text should do that...
P.S. Check out Rosalyn Edenbrow's blog she's good

Wake-Up Call

Two design ideas for the "Wake-Up Call" project. I chose stop and search, and focused on the controversy surrounding the discrimination and racism involved.

Grids 2

Another redesign for grids. My attempt at a 3-column.


My first grids project was aaawwwffuuulll, I didn't understand the concept of grids at all. So this is a redesign in time for assessment. Using beautiful photos by Arthur Loveday.(check the lad out These are double page spreads, and we had to use a certain number of small, medium and large photos with captions, and include headings, sub-headings and text. This is my attempt at a 2-column grid.

Inspiration Wall

A project from a while ago named "Inspiration Wall". All of graphics/illustration had to find an inspirational quote and make a poster for it. It sounded like fun, so I made it fun! The idea behind the rubbish-y design was that it was supposed to be a rubbish-y design, based on one of those old "wish you were here" beach postcards .Thanks to James Brown for patiently jumping and jumping again and again and looking so happy even when he was fed up.